“The Buffalo Creek Disaster” & Letter Drop #6

Buffalo Creek Disaster

The Pittston Coal Company referred to the failure of their refuse-pile dam as an ‘act-of-God’. This was just one of the companies’ many attempts to escape or at least reduce liability for the February 1972 flood at their Buffalo Creek Mine. The flood released 130 million gallons of black water and waste on the residents . . . → Read More: “The Buffalo Creek Disaster” & Letter Drop #6

DV Victim Support Team & Letter Drop #5 Answer

Victim Support Team

Applications are being accepted for the upcoming Training Academy starting this spring. The 50-hour training qualifies for participation in the Domestic Violence Victim Support Team(VST). It is a unique partnership between community members and the Seattle Police Department. Volunteers are trained in various topics by SPD detectives, officers, community leaders, Domestic Violence advocates, and VST . . . → Read More: DV Victim Support Team & Letter Drop #5 Answer

TV Lawyer Show Review and Letter Drop #5

The Good Wife 2

Now in its fourth season on the CBS network, thegoodwife continues to be one of the better courtroom drama series. The first episode set the style and introduced the long list of characters. Julianna Marguiles plays the part of Alicia Florick who stands by her man during his scandal thus becoming the “Good Wife”. Her . . . → Read More: TV Lawyer Show Review and Letter Drop #5

Food For Thought

The spirit of the holiday season. It is palpable even in legal clinics – opposing counsel giving a little more, a landlord with a little more empathy, an opposing party exhibiting a bit more patience and understanding. It may not be enough to solve our clients’ problems, but it adds humanity to the process. The . . . → Read More: Food For Thought

Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week is transitioning to a new post: Food for Thought. Look for continuing quotes, as well as questions, ideas, resources and other thought inspiring information. If you have something you would like to contribute to Food for Thought, please email Lori at: Lori@bermuda-associates.com.

Quote of the Week

“At a time when money for legal aid continues to dwindle and more Americans fall into poverty, the need for probono legal assistance is accelerating into a full-blown crisis . . .The Legal Services Corp. says more than 80 percent of the civil legal needs of low-income Americans are not being met, a shameful gap . . . → Read More: Quote of the Week

Quote of the Week

“What if police had a device that could detect the presence of drugs from the air outside a home or a car? Would that be a search? Is a police officer’s presence on a person’s front doorstep a trespass, and therefore always a search when done for law enforcement purposes? How much must police show . . . → Read More: Quote of the Week


A quick correction to the KCBA Volunteer Night Out post tickets to the SAM’s featured exhibit Women Take Over will cost $12.00 on Thursday, November 1st instead of the regular price of $23.00.

Volunteer Night Out & Letterdrop #4 Answer

diller room logo

KCBA VOLUNTEER NIGHT OUT combines Seattle history, wine, and art. The site is the Diller Room at 1224 1st Avenue (corner of First and University) in what used to be Seattle’s first luxury hotel – the Diller Hotel built in 1898. During prohibition it served as both hotel and speakeasy. The hotel doesn’t exist anymore . . . → Read More: Volunteer Night Out & Letterdrop #4 Answer

Seattle Pro Bono Fair 2012

pro bono fair

Thursday, October 25, 2012 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. Davis Wright Tremaine 1201 Third Avenue, Suite 2200, Seattle, WA 98101

Please join us for a chance to network with local legal service providers and learn about pro bono opportunities to serve your community. At the fair, you’ll have the chance to hear from Justice Steve Gonzalez, . . . → Read More: Seattle Pro Bono Fair 2012