Meet Jenna Tirkkonen the new HJP-Kent Intern

I’m 27 years old college graduate from Finland. I’ve always been interested in American culture and even in my Master Thesis I compared and brought out some differences between Finnish and American law orders. After I got my Thesis done and started to think what should I do next, I started to regret that I never went to study abroad unlike many of my college friends.  I felt that it would be a great advantage to experience what is like to live in and learn from a different culture for a while.

On June I got an internship in HJP and started working in Kent’s clinic at the beginning of September. During my studies in University I also worked in two law firms in Helsinki, so working in office or meeting clients wasn’t new for me. Instead I have still lot to learn from laws and terminology in USA and Washington State let alone the English language and grammar itself.

After working in HJP only for a week, I got to meet and talk with Commissioner Henry H. Judson III, who told me about his job in Maleng Regional Justice Center and how he has end up working as a commissioner. I also asked him the main differences between a judge and a commissioner because in Finland isn’t a position like commissioner. Commissioner Hudson promised also kindly to answer my future questions, if I have some. I’m sure there’ll be a several more considering the time I’ve been here and the six months still ahead.

Written By: Jenna Tirkkonen

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  • Maggie Herbord

    Jenna is a valuable member of The Housing Justice Team in Kent, WA. She is bright, intelligent, warm and has a wonderful sense of humor. She knows the workings of the systems here at the courthouse well and is very good with our clients. Jenna communicates well and everyone here at HJP likes her and we are very lucky to have Jenna here with us!

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