GiveBIG Today to KCBF, Support Access to Justice & Diversity

Make a gift to the King County Bar Foundation throughGiveBIG today! You will ensure that low-income families have access to justice through King County Bar’s Pro Bono Services.  Your gift will also go towards creating a more diverse bench and bar through KCBF’s diversity programs.

Here are some more reasons to #GiveBIG Today:

  • GiveBIG donations are matched in part by The Seattle Foundation’s stretch pool dollars.
  • You could win a $1000 Golden Ticket to donate to your favorite nonprofit (KCBF!), plus a $100 Starbucks or Taco Time gift card for you to keep!
  • Also, the Seattle Foundation will be giving away free round-trip airline tickets throughout the day, courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

So Give Now! & Give Generously!

For more information about the #KCBF or #GiveBIG, please visit our website,  like us onFacebook, or call 206-267-7005.


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