Volunteer Night Out & SCOTUS Letter Drop Puzzles return

KCBA VOLUNTEER NIGHT OUT returns the day after St. Patrick’s Day to the Diller Room at 1224 1st Avenue (corner of First and University). Volunteer Night Out starts at 5:00 and runs until 7:00 pm Tuesday, March 18th. The Diller Room is located on the site of Seattle’s first luxury hotel. The Diller Hotel was built in 1898 and during prohibition served as both a hotel and speakeasy.  A chinese laundromat in front was used to hide the illegal bar inside. The hotel doesn’t exist anymore but the Diller Room continues serving wine, spirits (both legal, of course), and pizza (dough hand kneaded in-house daily).
Also returning are legal word puzzles.   Below is the second Supreme Court Letter Drop Puzzle. The answer will be printed in Pro Bono Dicta next month.

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