Volunteer Panel Discussion: The Best Part of Pro Bono Work

In celebration of Pro Bono Week, the Neighborhood Legal Clinics and Volunteer Legal Services Programs asked their volunteers a few questions about their experiences. We hope this discussion is a reminder of how valuable your pro bono work is, and if you’re not currently volunteering, why you should get involved.

What is your favorite thing about doing pro bono work?

“Helping fill the need.”

– Ron Mattson


“Any time you’re in conversation w/ a client about their final life-events-planning, it’s going to be an intimate/sacred process.  When I’m a part of the Wills Clinic doing it, we’re able to get to the point faster. Nobody there starts the conversation with “If I die…”; they are close enough to their situation that we can be more realistic and say “when I die…” instead. Another thing I like about serving at Bailey Boushay is the opportunity to see, first-hand, how medical care for HIV has advanced in the past 20 years. Initially, we were serving people who were (rapidly) dying from HIV/AIDS; now we’re serving people who are living with HIV/AIDS. I’ve even had the opportunity to write revisions and updates for some of them. You might call that a positive change… “

-  David Hiscock


“I love having an impact on client’s lives. Getting the heartfelt “thank you” makes everything worth it.” – Molly Lindquist


“Getting out of the office and meeting people who face tough legal issues and/or complications, knowing how grateful they are for guidance.”

– Kara Morse


“My favorite thing about it is interacting with and helping clients.”

– Joseph Militello


Seeing folks walk out with a smile and some relief.”

– Anonymous


Interested in Volunteering with the Volunteer Legal Services or Neighborhood Legal Clinics? Learn more here!


Volunteer Panel:
Ron Mattson, attorney volunteer since 1993. Volunteers with multiple Neighborhood Legal Clinics, the Family Law Mentor Program, Self-Help Plus, the Family Law Information Center, and is a Volunteer Settlement Conference Master.
David Hiscock, attorney volunteer since 1994. Volunteers with Volunteer Legal Services with a focus on volunteering for persons with HIV and AIDS (VAPWA)
Molly Lindquist, law student volunteer since 2011. Volunteers with the Cross Cultural Domestic Violence Clinic.
Kara Morse, attorney volunteer since July 2013. Volunteers with the Federal Way Neighborhood Legal Clinic.
Joseph Militello, attorney volunteer since March 2013. Volunteers with the Lake City Neighborhood Legal Clinic. Previously a volunteer on the NLC scheduling line.
Anonymous, attorney volunteer since 2004. Volunteers with the Neighborhood Legal Clinics


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