Housing Justice Project Summer Intern Spotlight: Shelby Adsero

Shelby Adsero recently completed her 1L year at Seattle University School of Law.  She is not certain what type of law she wants to practice when she is finished with school but she has an interest in administrative law, public policy, and public interest law.  Shelby is the juvenile record sealing intern and clinic administrator with Team Child and is involved in the Street Youth Legal Advocates chapter at Seattle University.

Shelby graduated from Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in May, 2012 with a double major in Political Science and Global Studies with a concentration in development and social justice.  Shelby also minored in Hispanic Studies.  While at PLU, Shelby had the opportunity to study abroad in Ecuador and Trinidad and Tobago.  In Trinidad and Tobago Shelby volunteered at a local school, an orphanage, and spent some time in a home for youth in the court system.  In Ecuador she volunteered at a home for girls who come from homes that lack the resources to provide an adequate quality of life.  These experiences inspired Shelby to help those that she can with the opportunities and privileges she has.

Shelby comes from a small rural and humble place known as Matlock, Washington where her high school graduating class totaled just 12 students.  It is her experiences abroad, and in her home community, that have motivated her passion for service and helping others and it is this passion that brought her to law school.  In her free time, Shelby enjoys being outdoors, reading, cooking, and photography.

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