He’s In the Army Now!

The JAG Corps is America’s oldest law firm and its origin is based upon National Service. While in law school, I had the pleasure of meeting several JAG Officers, and their dedication to assisting the community led me to develop the goal of joining their ranks.   The same dedication to service is epitomized in the Housing Justice Project’s (HJP) prevention of homelessness through access to volunteer legal services.

HJP provides these services to low income tenants, some of whom are Military Veterans, to ensure equal access to justice throughout the eviction process. As a new attorney, the HJP provided me the requisite experience in relation to court procedures and community service that made me a successful Officer Candidate with the Army JAG Corps. My time with the HJP has provided me an invaluable opportunity to cultivate my legal acumen and I look forward to returning to the team upon my completion of Officer Basic.


Written By: Adam Mesick, Housing Justice Project Volunteer Attorney
Interested in volunteering with the Housing Justice Project? For more information on how to get involved click here.

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  • Linda

    Adam, congrats! I worked with you at HJP for a bit and you’d spoken of this very goal. I’m glad to see the experience was positive and you’ve reached this milestone. Keep up the good work and I know you’ll go far!

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