Tips from the Family Law Ex Parte Commissioners: Ex Parte Via the Clerk

Here are some simple suggestions for handling Family Law matters using Ex Parte Via the Clerk. Don’t forget to review our previous posts on entering final orders, obtaining TROs, and pointers for earning “gold stars” when you appear before the Family Law Commissioners.
  1. Please read the manual posted on the Clerk’s website.
  2. Orders for Show Cause that do not involve restraining language must be presented using the Via the Clerk Process, e.g. Orders to Show Cause re Contempt.
  3. Please attach copies of all orders you are seeking to enforce to your Motion for Contempt. If you are seeking to enforce a Final Parenting Plan, make sure that your client has provided proof that they have either attended a Parenting Seminar or have a signed court order waiving the seminar. See LFLR 13(c).
  4. Orders Shortening Time cannot be submitted through the Ex Parte Via the Clerk process and are heard in the Family Law Department, not in the Ex Parte Department.


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