How to Report Pro Bono Hours to Earn CLE Credits


As a Pro Bono Services volunteer you are eligible for six pro bono CLE credits per year. To claim pro bono credit each year attorneys must complete two hours of training from a Qualified Legal Service Provider, (QLSP). Four additional credits may then be earned per year for pro bono service credits if at least four hours of pro bono work were provided through a QLSP.

KCBA’s Pro Bono Services programs qualify as a QLSP. Most of the videos on the KCBA PBS Volunteer Video Trainings website are approved for AV CLE credit. Watching two hours of these trainings will satisfy the pro bono CLE training requirement.

You are required to self report the trainings and hours towards your pro bono work. To find out how to self report your pro bono credits please read through the instructions here:

Note: For both paper and online Form 1 applications related to pro bono service, you must identify “KCBA Pro Bono Services” as the Qualified Legal Services Provider sponsoring the CLE.

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