Work/Life Balance

For many years now I’ve been privileged to foster relationships with other attorneys through the WSBA Lawyer’s Assistance Program, serving as a peer counselor. The group’s annual conference, recently held in Lake Chelan and open to all WSBA members, facilitates regular assessment of work life balance – my focus for this blog.

The practice of law is noted for high stress, demanding schedules, and analytical challenge. While invigorating, the profession itself with or without added stresses of a tough economy can be personally taxing. So, listed and described below are ways to recharge reserves. I hope you find the following tips helpful.

1. Commit to Long Range Inventory – Take a block of time routinely (annually, quarterly, or monthly) to address where you are in your professional life, noting what is going well and what can be done better;
2. Practice Regular Awareness of Prosperity – Invest in short but regular intervals (daily or weekly) to list out aspects of your own life, professionally and/or personally, for which your are grateful;
3. Identify a Primary Passion Producer – Note the activity that most fuels your professional passion and craft ways to enhance that aspect of your professional life;
4. Note Transmission Systems – We, as professionals, most often have those who have directed and instructed us, and others we are showing or directing. Note these relations and make active use of them;
5. Interrelate Results Into Service – recalibration is common for tools of many trades, optimizing and assuring effectiveness. By noting current successes, charting future goals, remaining aware of assets and avenues that fostered and project usefulness, we foster balance and promote well being, while continuing a process of generosity.

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